Indian e-Tourist Visa

Indian e-Tourist Visa

Indian e-tourist visa - e-Visa India offers a seamless e-Tourist Visa application process, perfect for travelers eager to explore India's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Our user-friendly platform simplifies the application process, allowing you to focus on planning your dream vacation. Choose e-Visa India for a hassle-free experience and fast visa approvals.

The online travel permit for India, also known as the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), enables citizens from eligible countries to travel to India.

To simplify the visa application procedure and attract more foreign visitors, India introduced the Tourist eVisa program in October 2014.

This type of visa allows individuals to travel to India for various reasons, including participating in tourism activities, going on vacation, or taking a family trip.

Obtaining an e-tourist visa is a simple process, as applicants only need to provide essential details such as their full name, date of birth, place of birth, contact information, residential address, and passport information.

Note: The Indian travel visa, also known as the e-tourist visa, allows the holder to visit India only for that specific purpose.

Important Information regarding Indian eVisa

Indian tourist eVisas are available for one year, five years, and one month (30 days). You may enter more than once with a tourist visa valid for one year or five years.

The 30-day Indian tourist eVisa is not extended or convertible, and it cannot be revoked after it has been approved.

You can stay up to 180 days in India with multiple entries and the Indian e-business visa has a one-year validity period.

  1. A calendar year allows you to utilize your Indian eVISA many times.

  2. At least 3-5 days prior to the date of entry into India, you must submit an online application.

  3. When arriving in India, your passport must still be valid for at least six months.

  4. During your visit to India, you must always have a copy of your eVISA authorization documentation with you.

  5. Candidates holding diplomatic passports or other international travel documents are ineligible to apply for an Indian eVisa.

  6. You must have enough cash with you to cover your expenses for your entire stay in India.


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